Further to my consulting services, I provide various website services tailored to small businesses and startups, where cost and time are immensely important to your business’ success. I can also connect you with design and marketing professionals and together we can build your brand or web presence from the ground up!

While I can help build a completely bespoke website, I highly recommend WordPress to my clients for its high level of customisation, performance and its reputation as a reliable platform.

As a guide, setting up a basic WordPress website, email account and configuring a domain usually include:

Service Fee
Annual domain registration $25/year
Annual WordPress hosting $150/year
Google Workspaces $10/user/month
Site installation, domain, email configuration (4 hours) $400

At this point you will have a WordPress installation with a default template which you can customise to your needs, or we can source a commercial template to customise. From there, the possibilities are endless, with plugins available to achieve almost anything you can think of.

Every business’ needs will differ and I pride myself on finding the solution that works best for you (and your budget). Contact me to get the ball rolling.