I’m Richard Thornton

In recent years I have been the CTO and chief architect of a disruptive music streaming startup, the Software Engineering Manager and Senior Solutions Architect for a cutting-edge AgTech IoT product and have devoted myself to designing and building scalable, resilient solutions using Amazon Web Services.

Data Solutions

From migrating large databases, building data lakes to creating real-time data visualisation dashboards, I can help from planning to building your solution.

Hosting, Deployment

I have experience building and deploying load-balanced, scalable applications and can review existing platform architecture to identify and plan optimisations.

App Development

I built systems being used to deliver millions of dollars of investments and to stream music into business across Australia. I create solutions, or build teams to deliver them.

Web, Email

Starting a business? Registering a domain name, configuring email… It’s confusing and I can help. I offer web hosting and I’ll work with your designer to build your website too.

Branding, Design

I am often involved in design processes, have managed successful UX design teams and workflows and have been involved in company rebranding exercises.

Company Culture

I have a passion for fostering diverse and talented teams. I have experience reviewing culture and behaviour and have worked to remove bias from policies and process.

Let’s do something amazing!

Great things happen when people talk. Let's do that. My career has focused on solving critical business needs while delivering unique, creative solutions.